About US

AdinTop’s solutions provide a combination of the best features of rich media and performance based marketing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the GCC's leading company in the web industry with latest web development technologies and web advertising solutions.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver advanced and unique online advertising solutions with maximum reach and high impact combined with the most advanced solution and global technology providers. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting.


Continuous Improvement
Excellence in Service
Staff Development
Optimum Utilization of Resources
Excellence in Service
Excellence in Service
Excellence in Service

Strategy goals

Achieving high levels of satisfaction for our clients by meeting their expectations, communicating and following up with them daily, and by providing them with value added services and products.

Taking digital advertising in the Middle East to a next level.

Continuous growth of the company’s websites reaches and users.

Our Story

When the internet started boom in KSA, there was a lack of quality in the Arabic content provided by most of the local sites to the Arab and Saudi browsers, it was really hard for them to find the right information they are seeking in an easy way. Most of websites back then were not organized in terms of content classification and quality.

At that point, Mohammed AlMalki, a Saudi entrepreneur holding a master’s degree in industrial engineering felt the importance of having a good Arabic content in a different way so he started building and developing websites from different categories such as fashion, education, automotive,sports & entertainments in the way that Saudi and GCC users are looking for and today he is proud that his group of websites are used by millions of Arabic & Saudi users.

His goal and vision was toenhance the user experience for a man and woman led him to work on more than 15 Arabic websites most of them are now well-known sites among the top sites in KSA and GCC which caught the attention of the biggest Saudi companies from different industries (telecom,banking, automotive, FMCG ...) that saw the websites as a good new medium to communicate their marketing messages and offers to millions of the users in Saudi Arabia and GCC.

By the year 2012 his websites reached more than 20 million Arab users where 11 million are from GCC, at this stage a new goal was set, the challenge was moving from working individually to creating a company called Adintop that fully operates the websites from web development to advertising sales serving clients from Saudi Arabia & GCC. With an investment, a combination of talents from Saudi Arabia and the Arab region with the right tools and technology helped Adintop to penetrate the market and grow fast.


Established in 2012, AdinTop provides an interactive online marketing solutions and technologies for advertisers and publishers. Adintop offers reliable, unique and valuable digital marketing solutions.

Our solutions consist of innovative products serving specific campaign objectives combined with advanced audience targeting, which are executed on our networks. Our company’s network spans over 30 websites, including newspaper portals and premier sites in more than 10 content interest channels such as technology, lifestyle, automotive, business and entertainment.

AdinTop’s solutions provide a combination of the best features of rich media and performance based marketing catering to some of the world's largest brands and advertising agencies offering a variety of engagement based advertising formats and innovative payment models.